Writers of the Villages Submission Guidelines


This is a critique group for both new and established writers. We all learn and share ideas to make us better writers.


To Join, enter your name and email address in the “list” on the “subscribe / unsubscribe page above. Then come to a meeting. or call Millard — phone number on the “home” page above.

To have your manuscript read and critiqued by the group, send it (see forat below) to Also, bring one or more printed copies to the next Tuesday morning meeting of the group.

Be prepared to discuss the writings of oter members of the group. You may send your critique by return email to the author. If you concentrate on other people’s work they will be appreciative and spend time on yours.

You can send your submission once you have been placed on the group list.

Each week several writing submissions are read and critiqued. 

 This is the format we use:

1. Submission no more than 1500 words give or take a few.

2. Use ‘Word’. Font: Times New Roman.

3. Spacing 2.0 or 1.5

4. Choose 'Layout' from menu and number the lines: ‘Continuous’.
5. Put a little blurb at the top, title, word length and brief idea of what it's about.

6. 'Save as': to your computer. Label it with your name and tile and date, and send as attachment.

7. Send to:  email. Millard then sends it out to all on his list. (Not returned to you)
8. Some people will send it back to you with editing comments attached. Some don't and save comments for meeting and hand printed sheet back.

9. Come to meeting with at least 3 or 4 copies (of original, not with any changes you might have made after some comments) for those who don't bring computers.   (I save one for myself to write on when people comment.)

10. Somebody else reads aloud your document, while you listen. It helps to hear it. 

11. Then you have lots of comments to use, as you choose.  We don’t normally resubmit an edited copy.

12. Send in before Saturday.

13. If you so wish you can send somebody’s critiqued work back to their email, only to them,

(as a new attachment) with comments on the side. (Highlight the spot to comment on. Chose ‘insert’, and ‘comments’ from the Word menu software.) Don’t change the original wording in their document. We help each other this way and get free editing!


We usually go for lunch after to socialize.

© Millard Johnson 2017