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The first step toward participation in Writers of the Villages is to enter your name and Email address in the group mail list. 

If you will be away from the group for more than a few weeks please unsubscribe by coming to this page:

This will save you from unnecessary e-mail and the group. protect the privacy of members. Re-subscribe one or two weeks before you return.

This Email list is secure. Your personal information will not be used for any purpose other than communicating with the group.

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When you reply to the notice that your application is confirmed, you can send you manuscript (about 1500 words max) to Ideally, your manuscript should be sent as a MS-Word attachment with numbered lines and 1.5 line spacing. Your manuscript will be automatically forwarded to all of the other members of the group for critique at the next meeting.

You will also begin receiving manuscripts from the other group members. You should open and read these manuscripts promptly. You may print out the manuscript and bring it to the next meeting, for discussion and delivery to the author, or you may edit it on-line and send it to the author. If you do this you should bring, either a printed copy of the author’s story or your laptop.

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