Welcome to Writers of the Villages Critique group

Writers of the Villages meets every Tuesday 9:00- 10:50 am at Bradenton recreational center.

Although Writers of the Villages meets south of 466A, all residents of The Villager are welcome to participate.

The purpose of the group is to assist any villager interested in learning, or mastering, the art, and craft of creative writing. Participants will write their own short stories, novels, memoirs, or genre fiction. Authors will Email their writing to other participants for discussion and critique at the meeting.

From time to time, part of the meeting will feature a mini “kitchen” seminar on some aspect of writing craft of interest to the participants. Participants are encouraged to obtain “The Complete Guide to Writing Fiction and Non-Fiction” by Pat Kubis as a standard reference.

A third function of the group is to foster an enjoyable social interaction among people who enjoy reading and writing. 

Contact Millard Johnson — (317) 584-5071 for further information.

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